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  • This week Jenn Ghetto of the band S stops by the Backyard to chat about her AMAZING new album COOL CHOICES out on Sept

  • This week Jessica Dobson, guitar player and lead vocalist for Deep Sea Diver, joins us in the Backyard to chat about her thoughts on cell phones, the

  • This week, Solomon 'Raz' Simone stops by The Backyard to talk about his love of poetry, his philosophy of playing with a live band, and how he turned

  • This week, Scott Reitherman of the band Pillar Point stops by the backyard to chat about his former love for New Kids on the Block, bands that maybe

  • This week Celene Ramadan of the band Prom Queen joins us in the backyard to talk about wearing a cloak in highschool and her new album/music video fil

  • This week Spencer Moody, vocalist for the legendary band The Murder City Devils, joins us in the Backyard to chat about overcoming and knowing his fe

  • This week, director and filmmaker Megan Griffiths stops by The Backyard to chat about how she turned a communications degree into a film career, her

  • This week, SHazam and Liz of The Fame Riot join Aaron in the backyard for a friendly discussion about their childhood, religion vs

  • This week, Nils d'Aulaire and Jay Klaitz of the band/movie Future Folk sit down to chat about how putting red buckets on their heads has transformed t

  • A weird tale of Aaron's commeute home on July 10th 2014. Music Featured In This Week's Episode: The Quiet Ones

  • This week, Eric Elbogen, the brains behind Say Hi stops by the backyard to chat about his new album 'Endless Wonder', switching things up on stage, a

  • This week we have a great chat with Comedian and Actor Steve Rannazzisi about being a traveling comedian with a family at home, his amazing web series

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