Seattle's Morning News with Dave Ross

Challenging the challengers of the "Ice Bucket Challenge"

Originally aired: Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Category: News
A federal investigation into the Seattle School District's handling of an alleged rape during a Garfield High School field trip continues. Josh Kerns has the update. University of Washington Professor Christopher Parker, who researches public trust in cops, says a police force with a majority of black officers probably could have defused the reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown. The "Ice Bucket Challenge" is being called out on Reddit. When you combine a friendly robot with friendly Canadians, you get a unique roadtrip across the entire country. Rachel Belle filed this report. Sports Insiders: The NFL is trying to do something about the PAT. But what?How much do we really know about forecasting the frequency of a massive earthquake off the Washington Coast? Chris Sullivan reports. CBS Military Analyst Major Mike Lyons has a radical idea about what to do with ISIS.

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