Ring My Belle

Ring My Belle: Phoenix Jones' Nemesis Wants to Ban Superheroes

Originally aired: Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Category: News
1. Mike Huckabee says a lot of extraordinary people have been born as the result of forcible rape. Um, ok. Then it must be okay! 2. Villain Rex Velvet, Phoenix Jones' nemesis, wants to ban superheros in the state. He started a petition to send to the governor. 3. Long distance swimmer, Diana Nyad, failed on her 4th attempt to swim from Cuba to Florida. She got bit all over by jellyfish, nearly got hypothermia, and she looks terrible. Give it up, girl! 4. A new Space Needle contest is asking people to pick a color scheme and design the top of The Needle. I'm anti - I like it classic, the way it is!

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