Weasel Radio

The Bad Words, Filth and Flarn Episode

Originally aired: Friday, April 13, 2012
Category: Entertainment
3:00 - Being a dad with 3-kids under the age of 3 6:00 3 new Screeching Weasel Shows 10:00 Hoover the dog makes an appearance on the show 10:30 Back to the Basement - The Queers 12:30 Pick up the show after a few days off 13:00 CNN and the n-word 20:54 Ozzie Guillen admires Fidel Castro 27:00 Jon Lovitz outs teen girls as anti-semites. 37:00 Bad Words - Circle Jerks 41:00 Eric Carmen - All By Myself 50:00 Keane debacle 53:45 Listener questions 1:07:00 Ben and Owen argue over whether they should promote the next episode of Weasel Radio...hilarity ensues.

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