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Weasel Radio: The Avril Lavigne Challenge...and Greg Graffin Feud

Originally aired: Thursday, March 29, 2012
Category: Entertainment
0:00 Ben and Fat Mike kiss and make up. 6:00 The Avril Lavigne challenge...Rifle Sport steps to the table 7:20 Complicated - Avril Lavigne 10:50 Owen's mini-feature on the Minneapolis post-punk band Rifle Sport, Breaking Circus, Brick Layer Cake and Flour NOTE: Owen changed the song from the Rifle Sport feature in post-production from Exploding Man to Green Cans, so any comments Ben makes about the song are totally out of context...except the incredibly insulting shots at Owen and the sweeping generalizations about anyone who was ever in a post-punk band. 16:28 Ben has advice for Owen, circa 1990 18:35 Sk8ter Boi - Avruhl Luveen 21:00 Driving a Dynamite Truck - Breaking Circus 25:46 Not Enough - Avril Lavigne 30:30 Gone Today - Brick Layer Cake 35:26 The guy who invented fire - Shellac 38:30 Ben challenges Greg Graffin, the lead singer of Bad Religion, to have a feud with him...

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