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Ben and Fat Mike's Beef

Originally aired: Saturday, March 24, 2012
Category: Entertainment
(1:00) How punk rock has become 4th grade. (3:00) Ben explains Fat Mike kerfuffle (5:00) Discussion of song that may have offended Fat Mike. (6:30) Ben reads e-mail he sent to Fat Mike. (8:30) Fat Mike replies via e-mail. (10:00) Ben discovers Fat Mike is tweeting about him, hilarity ensues. (12:30) The offending song and lyrics. (15:30) El Hefe from NOFX joins in, shows sense of humor. (19:30) The most ridiculous part of this story is... (21:20) Song, Carnival of Schadenfreude. (23:30) The dumbest idea in the history of everything. (25:00) The Avril Lavigne challenge. (26:30) Damnit, the internets DOES NOT CARE about this Ben Weasel! LOLZ! (30:30) The most important point of all. (31:30) Erection - Screeching Weasel (33:30) Please Play This Song on the Radio - NOFX

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