Weasel Radio

March 12, 2012

Originally aired: Monday, March 12, 2012
Category: Entertainment
The Inside Baseball Show... 1:10 Fun with Words with Friends 4:00 Ben turns the tables on Owen to find out what it's like to be dragged into the world of Screeching Weasel 5:00 More SXSW memories 9:00 Owen attempts to hold previous incarnation of Screeching Weasel together, fails miserably 13:45 Ben did not want to play SXSW 18:45 Catholicism vs. the punk scene, man 26:00 Ben likes a hip young band that the kids are into...their name is Paramore...what...our producer Applesauce McGee is telling us that they've been around for years... 42:00 Show ends...and now your adventure begins...

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