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Long-time Seattle radio host Bob Rivers announces retirement

Bob Rivers thanked his listeners as he announced his retirement on his Monday morning radio show on KJR.

Police using GPS, radio signals to track missing children

Technology commonly used to protect the elderly who tend to wander away is now a tool for police to track down autistic children and other missing kids.

Tough time for crews digging in front of stalled Bertha to make repairs

Digging under Seattle, as crews have learned the hard way, is not easy to do.

Dry weather, warm temps for the next week across Washington

Dry weather is in the forecast and the Northwest isn't expected to see rain for over a week.

On busy Lake City Way, buses cut 2 traffic lanes down to 1

Buses are responsible for getting hundreds of cars off the roads each day, but who loves running late?

Inmates escape life behind bars to fight Washington wildfires

For inmates fighting fires in central Washington, this is a chance to escape life behind bars - at least for a little while.

Boeing CEO apologizes for saying he'll keep workers 'cowering'

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney has apologized for saying he won't retire after turning 65 because "the heart will still be beating, the employees will still be cowering."

300 homes destroyed in Washington wildfires

Wildfires that have ravaged central Washington for two weeks have destroyed over 300 homes. That number is double what officials reported last weekend.

Will Motley Crue create another White River Amphitheater traffic nightmare?

Complaints continue pouring in from concertgoers who got stuck in hours-long traffic trying to get to the White River Amphitheater last weekend. And with another big show Sunday, there are fears of a repeat of the ordeal that kept many from the show.

Why I-90 'car-mageddon' didn't materialize

If you feel a big wind blowing around the region, it could be the collective sigh of relief from the Washington Department of Transportation, because the widely feared "car-mageddon" from the big I-90 construction project never materialized.

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