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Cantwell threatens NFL tax exemption over Redskins name

Washington senator Maria Cantwell is stepping up her threat to strip the NFL's tax-exempt status if it refuses to change the Washington Redskins nickname.

Pot smokers may prefer back of a Buick to Seattle's legal marijuana store

Police say a man dealing marijuana out of the back of his Buick has been trying to poach customers from Seattle's only licensed recreational pot shop. If he's successful, does this point to problems with the legal pot system?

UW testing first-of-its-kind portable kidney dialysis machine

The University of Washington has the go-ahead for the first human safety trial of a portable, wearable kidney dialysis machine.

Few in number, Washington Hells Angels 'trying to survive'

With just eight known members statewide, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club is desperately trying to bolster support.

Pregnant woman attacked in Seattle park

Seattle police are looking for two young women who attacked a pregnant woman in Cowan Park Monday evening.

Councilwoman Kshama Sawant wants to cut your light bill by making big business pay more

Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant says it's been business as usual to see annual rate increases from Seattle City Light, but this year she's leading a movement to stand up against it.

Boeing lands joint contract to build new space taxi

NASA has awarded a $6.8 billion contract to Boeing and SpaceX to build new "space taxis" designed to shuttle astronauts to and from the International Space State.

Local teachers in need get big boost from Google, crowdfunding site

Some local teachers who commonly dig into their own pockets to help provide supplies for their classrooms are getting a big boost from Google.

Why investors shift away from fighting top killer diseases

Cancer and heart disease are still the top killers in the United States but recently, investors are pouring money into companies exploring different areas of disease and treatment.

Suspect shot in head by guard in Lakewood bank robbery

Police in Lakewood say an armored car guard shot and wounded a man who tried to rob a Bank of America branch. The suspect managed to flee in a waiting car -- without any cash. He's believed to be the same man who soon turned up at a local hospital and was taken to surgery.

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