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Report: Advisory committee considers idea of eliminating zoning for single-family homes in Seattle

The city needs to move away from the idea that all families can live in their own home on a piece of land, according to a draft letter.

No plans to honor Hope Solo in Richland

The mayor of Richland says it's a tough call on whether the city should honor Hope Solo's Women's World Cup win.

Splash of color for Seattle tunnel project; still no word on Bertha

While we wait for an update on repairs to Bertha, the giant tunneling machine sitting idle on Seattle's waterfront, drivers in the area will notice new additions near the south end of the tunnel.

Crack cocaine dealer nabbed at City Hall Park

Drug peddlers might want to learn from this alleged crack dealer's experience. If you want to sell drugs in downtown Seattle, don't do it around city hall.

Sheriff: Recovery of body is difficult at Big Four Ice Caves

Hikers filmed portions of the Big Four Ice Caves collapsing one day before another collapse killed one person and injured five others.

Lack of cell service on Highway 410 leaves drivers in danger

There's little to no cell phone service along large stretches of a well-used highway. So drive carefully.

No new information on Bertha, project timeline not released when promised

An update on the Seattle tunnel project timeline is late.

Seattle police chief praises officers, touts lower crime rates

To mark her first year on the job, Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O'Toole sent out a progress report, of sorts, to her department, touting a reduction in crime and outlining challenges her officers face.

Smoking ban in Seattle parks takes effect with minimal punishment

It's the first day of Seattle's new park smoking ban. Violators won't be fined, however.

Brush fire slows Monday morning commute on northbound I-5 near Boeing Field

A brush fire closed two right lanes of I-5 near Boeing Field, slowing the Monday morning commute.

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