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Collisions, backups plague Tuesday commutes in south end, Pierce County

It was a tough morning for drivers in the south end Tuesday morning. Collisions blocked I-5 and Highway 18 roadways for hours.

Swedish doctor says drug company won't release meds that might get rid of brain tumors

Dr. Charles Cobbs is a neurosurgeon at Swedish Medical Center, but not just any neurosurgeon. He is director of the Ivy Center for Advanced Brain Tumor Treatment, and became famous as the man who linked some of the most stubborn tumors in the world to a virus.

Police find body that may be linked to Auburn mystery

Police believe they've found a body related to bloody flooring and clothing discovered alongside a road in Auburn last month.

Smile: More Seattle school zone cameras online

It's back to school week for Seattle Public Schools, and that means new speed cameras are going active across the city.

Centerplate CEO resigns following video showing dog abuse

The CEO of Centerplate, Safeco Field's catering company, has resigned in the wake of a video that allegedly showed him abusing a dog.

Warmest July-August on record in Seattle

It's been a warm summer in Seattle.

How Bellevue will handle students who transfer from 'failing' schools

Bellevue has a reputation for excellent schools, a place where residents consistently approve tax levies and school bond measures. Still, several schools are judged as failing and many students are transferring to new buildings on the first day of the new school year.

Don O'Neill questions latest bikini barista bust: 'They should just legalize that'

Last week, the owner Java Juggs, a well-known series of bikini barista stands in south Snohomish County, was charged for allegedly running drive-thru brothels.

By any means necessary: Lockette takes Seahawks playing time over pride

To make it to the NFL, you have to be the absolute best of the best. You were likely always the best player on every team you ever played-for. But that might not be the case in the NFL, so to make a team, many players have to make a choice between their pride and playing time.

Hiker dies after fall on trail in Snohomish County

A hiker who sustained a head injury on a trail near Spada Lake in Snohomish County has died.

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