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Hurricane Oho heading towards Pacific Northwest

A hurricane on a path to the Pacific Northwest could cause some wild weather this weekend.

State asking for $78M reimbursement for Bertha's two-year delay

While crews get Seattle's tunnel boring machine moving again the Washington State Department of Transportation is asking for reimbursement for the time Bertha sat idle.

Former soldier says discharged Green Beret 'chose the greater good'

The army is granting former JBLM soldier, Sgt. 1st class Charles Martland, 60 days to appeal his military discharge.

FBI says no easy answers on sexual slavery issue in Snohomish County

When it comes to understanding sexual slavery, easy and specific answers can be hard to come by. That's both frustrating and telling about the hidden world of forced prostitution.

Seattle council member wants $75K for city's LGBTQ elderly

A Seattle city council member wants the city to help pay for a program that will help elderly LGBTQ.

Contributions to Kshama Sawant's campaign break record

The Seattle politician that pushes for equality in a fast-growing city might not be playing at the same level as her peers on the campaign trail.

High school football player expected to make a full recovery after breaking neck

An injured high school football player from Washington is expected to make a full recovery after breaking his neck on the field.

'Warning: Entering Rainier Valley' signs posted in South Seattle neighborhoods

Drivers entering Seattle's Rainier Valley region received a specific message this week: A Warning.

Twisted trolley tales and sad Seattle streetcar stories

With the much-delayed First Hill streetcar expected to begin operating soon, Feliks Banel looks at the history of public transit in Seattle.

Trayvon Martin's mother: 'I will continue to fight for my sons'

Trayvon Martin's mother, now a powerful voice in the national conversation on race, is demanding Seattleites take action if they want real change.

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