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Debunking the 'Seattle Freeze'

A recent survey of holiday shoppers in the Seattle area finds we're spending more money than most on entertainment and personal gifts this year.

11 kindergartners explain how to cook a turkey

Here is how a class of kindergartners thinks turkeys are prepared for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving etiquette: Who takes home the turkey?

Don asks: Who gets the leftover turkey? The guests? The person who cooked it?

Write an ethical will to pass on family values and traditions

A Seattle rabbi teaches us about an ethical will: 'It's basically a letter that we write to the people we care about most, the people we love, to pass on our values, or wisdom and our love,' says Seattle rabbi Elana Zaiman.

Dave Grohl writes letter to fans in wake of Paris attacks

Foo Fighters Dave Grohl posted an online letter for fans as the band releases a new EP, for free, and speaks about the recent attacks in Paris.

Don O'Neill: Jesus would look like a lot of people in Syria

Don calls out Donald Trump and other Christians who have "whitewashed" the bible.

What happened during the Twisp wildfire tragedy

Three months after the Twisp River Fire killed three firefighters and severely injured another, a new report reveals what happened.

Zero energy homeowners in Issaquah get checks, not bills, from electric company

Issaquah Highlands' zHomes are some of the most energy efficient in the country. They can actually produce energy rather than use it. The homes also use 70 percent less water than the average house.

A 'thank you' for Ron and Don

Ron and Don got a thank you card, and a drawing, from a little girl they helped on air. Now, Jada Holloway is shopping for a service dog.

With Phox, you'll never have to give out a fake phone number again

If you've ever given out a fake phone number at a bar, Phox might be for you. Developed by a Redmond-based company, Phox gives your mobile a second, public, number to give out to people you may not trust with your personal line.

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