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Ocean blob is a 'bad deal of weather cards' for the Northwest

The blob could be the cause of unseasonably warm temperatures and hurting Washington's snow pack.

University of Washington student asks Russell Wilson to school gala

A soon-to-be University of Washington grad doesn't want just anyone to attend the law school gala with her.

Amidst skyrocketing rents, some Seattle landlords are keeping it real

As rents rise in Seattle, there are still real estate unicorns refusing to gouge their tenants, and keeping their rents affordable despite their neighbors.

Behind the scenes of the Seattle Wine Awards

It's the 10th year of the Seattle Wine Awards, and for two days, 20 wine experts hole up in a hotel conference room drinking and judging 1,200 wines. What sounds like a dream job is actually quite tedious.

Ron Upshaw considering life without cable

In light of some airwaves going up for bid, Ron considers cutting his cable service and trying to use other services to watch TV.

Police: No indication situation would turn tragic before Bonney Lake murder-suicide

A murder-suicide in Bonney Lake Friday night brought to light just how difficult it can be to determine when a domestic dispute situation can turn fatal.

More dogs showing up to emergency veterinarian offices high on marijuana

Since the legalization of marijuana in Washington and Colorado, far more pets are showing up at animal emergency rooms after getting into their owners' pot products. It's no laughing matter -- exposure to THC can make pets sick or even kill them.

When crows aren't in Bothell they're dive bombing Don's son

Don chats with Professor John Marzluff about the problem he faces with crows attacking his young son.

A Tennessee elephant sanctuary would take Seattle's elephants, says Woodland Park Zoo never contacted them

Woodland Park Zoo's elephants, Chai and Bamboo, are on the road to the Oklahoma City Zoo where they will find a new home. But elephant activists say a sanctuary is better for the elephants. The zoo says the sanctuaries aren't accepting elephants and are riddled with disease. But one elephant sanctuary says this is not true, and the zoo has never even contacted them.

Uncle Manny, 80, still rides his bike to work every day

An 80-year-old Lake City man has been riding his bike to work for the past 22 years, rain or shine. On his seven mile daily commute, he gets a good look at the neighborhoods, its people, and nature.

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