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Who Would House and Hire a Felon? From Prison to Professional with Pioneer Human Services

A year ago, I introduced you to a group of women participating in The If Project at the Washington Corrections Center for Women in Gig Harbor. This is an update on one of those women, who got out of prison in September. She is now housed and employed by Pioneer Human Services, a company that loves to hire felons and recovering addicts.

Mariners announcer needs signature Robinson Cano call

"Goodbye baseball!" "Holy Smokes!" "Dustin and Justin are bustin'!" Mariners announcer Rick Rizzs has a lot of great lines, but he needs a signature call for new Mariners second baseman Robinson Cano.

'Oso Clean' doing dirty work for mudslide volunteers, victims

Although business is booming these days at the Suds & Duds laundromat in Arlington, owner Brett McGhie isn't making much money. And he couldn't be happier, since much of the laundry is from the Oso mudslide.

An Issaquah Teacher's Passion For Self Defense, Inspired by Brandi Carlile and a Brave Survivor

An Issaquah high school teacher took it upon herself to teach teenage girls self-defense, after learning about the Fight the Fear campaign. The campaign was co-founded by singer Brandi Carlile after her friend Jennifer Hopper barely survived a brutal attack that killed her partner, Teresa Butz.

Thank you for helping Oso mudslide victims

Following the Oso mudslide, Ed Russell of Arlington opened his warehouse for all your donations.

R&D: Seattle firefighters should be fired for homeless assault

There's plenty of outrage over the King County Prosecutors Office decision not to charge two Seattle firefighters for assaulting a pair of homeless men in Pioneer Square. And both KIRO Radio's Ron and Don argue regardless of why the men won't face felony charges, they should be fired.

Former Stryker from Tacoma seeks to inspire in Boston Marathon run

Ever since he lost his leg in an explosion in Afghanistan, Puyallup native Edward Lychik has been proving people wrong. And the soldier hopes running the Boston Marathon next week will inspire others to overcome obstacles like he has.

Governor Inslee visits Oso and finds grief, inspiration

Saturday marks three weeks since the deadly Oso mudslide traveled nearly a mile, crossing the North Fork of the Stillaguamish River and buried a residential area.

Women: Run for office in Washington state

The National Women's Political Caucus of Washington is focused one thing: getting women elected. Only 32% of Washington state politicians are female & the caucus intends to change that.

Don takes time to smell the roses with his son

Don took a 'sick' day on Wednesday because his son was under the weather. Admittedly, his boy probably would've been fine without him, but sometimes you just need a day to spend with your kid, especially on his birthday.

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