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Ballard battles Seattle to save neighborhood trees

Another fight is brewing in Ballard. Neighbors are asking the city not to sell off a vacant lot and ultimately save three ornamental trees.

RV in Seattle safe lot destroyed, two injured

Two people were burned when the RV they were in caught fire Thursday morning.

Only 6% of top chefs are women, and some blame the lack of paid maternity leave

The United States and Papua New Guinea are the only two industrialized nations that don't provide paid parental leave. And an article on Eater connects the dots between this and the huge lack of top tier female chefs.

What happened to Seattle's 2003 plan for The Jungle?

Jordan Royer was in charge of cleaning up The Jungle in 2003, and developed a plan for the city to monitor it. What happened?

Work in Seattle, live in Bremerton? The mayor says cheap rent is just a ferry ride away

The city of Bremerton has launched a campaign to encourage downtown Seattle workers to live in Bremerton, where rent and mortgages are half the price. A Bremerton-based 30-something writer argues that Bremerton is a great place for growth.

What people don't understand about drug addiction

Seattle TV personality Penny Legate knows about drug addiction first-hand. She is now on a mission to correct misconceptions about the issue.

Former Seattle mayor: Don't rely on outside funding to combat homelessness

Former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn said that homelessness has been a growing problem from years before even his administration, but he has some thoughts on solving it.

New book details what led up to brutal Seattle murder

In 2009, Seattle's Jennifer Hopper and Teresa Butz were asleep when Isaiah Kalebu came in through their window, raped them, and killed Teresa. A new book tells the whole story.

Seattle advocate says elephant died after 'a horrible, traumatic life at the hands of Woodland Park Zoo'

Chai, a 37 year old female elephant died at the Oklahoma City Zoo over the weekend, less than a year after she was moved from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. Chai spent her entire life in captivity, separated from her mother, and was artificially inseminated 112 times. Advocacy group, Friends of Woodland Park Zoo Elephants, thinks she could have lived longer in a sanctuary.

Seattle police arrests three teenagers in connection to fatal Jungle shooting

Seattle police arrested three teenagers for homicide in relation to the Jan. 26 shooting in The Jungle homeless encampment.

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