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Penny Legate shares daughter's story to debunk images of addicts

Three years after her 19-year-old died of a heroin overdose, Northwest media personality Penny Legate says what she misses most is sharing a laugh with her daughter.

Hearts for Maddie: Sammamish school trying to bring one more miracle to 6-year-old girl

Discovery Elementary is trying to raise funds to provide one more miracle for a 6-year-old who has faced many challenges.

Don: We need to put sex predators away forever

A high-risk sex offender who fled Canada for Seattle has been arrested in the rape of a 69-year-old woman. Many are saying this wasn't a surprise and more should be done to keep offenders like this locked up.

We are family: You're invited to the biggest family reunion in the world

AJ Jacobs, author and editor-at-large of Esquire Magazine, created Global Family Reunion, the largest family tree in the world. He wants to see how many people he is related to, and found out that you can pretty much be cousins with anyone and everyone.

Streatery conundrum: Is parking or outdoor seating more of a draw at restaurants?

The City of Seattle is rolling out a new pilot program allowing restaurants to build a "streatery." A streatery creates an outdoor eating space in the place of a parking spot, but some wonder which is more valuable.

Ghost Boy: Trapped in his mind and body for 12 years, Martin Pistorius finally speaks

When he was 12 years old, South Africa's Martin Pistorius got sick, and eventually lost all ability to speak or move. Doctors said he had the intelligence of an infant and he was ignored in care centers for more than a decade. But Martin's brain was fully functioning, and he was trapped in his mind and body for more than a decade until someone finally helped set him free. His new memoir, "Ghost Boy," tells his amazing story.

Watch: Producer Patrick does his best firefighter stair climb

The largest firefighter physical competition in the world will be taking place at Seattle's Columbia Center Tower on Mar. 8.

Major medical technology coming out of local garage

Seattle doctors hope 3D printing will help them perform heart surgeries never before possible.

Ron: I don't want Hope Solo representing me as American on U.S. Team

Seattle soccer star Hope Solo was on Good Morning America this week sounding apologetic about some choices she made that left her suspended from the U.S. Soccer team for 30 days. But not everyone is ready to forgive.

Don: Stop giving teachers convicted of sex crimes their pensions; give it to their victims

A number of Washington teachers convicted of crimes, including sex crimes against children, are still collecting taxpayer-backed pensions, according to an investigation by KING 5.

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