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Who is Rachel Belle?
Rachel Belle's "Ring My Belle" segment airs Monday-Friday on The Ron & Don Show. You can hear "Ring My Belle Weekends" Sundays at 3pm. Rachel is a northern California native who loves anything and everything culinary, playing Scrabble, petting cats and performing improv.

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Get your own, personal superhero action figure made by Bellevue's You Kick Ass

Send a photo of your face to Bellevue's You Kick Ass and they will use a 3D printer to create a superhero action figure with your face on it. Mark Cuban invested $100,000 in the new company on the reality show 'Shark Tank.'

Edith Macefield's Ballard home could be demolished

The saga of Edith Macefield's 115 year old home continues as its latest owners find it is too expensive to get up to code. Now, it may be donated or demolished.

'A Taste of Home' tells the story of history, food in Seattle's Chinatown

Two documentarians from Singapore became fascinated with the food and history of Seattle's Chinatown.

A local cop designed a manly, durable diaper bag for baby toting dads

Local cop, Jeff Shepard, was not a fan of the floral, pastel diaper bags on the market. So he designed his own. Now he sells his Down Range Baby bags, designed by a Lakewood military bag and bulletproof vest manufacturer.

A Seattle man is throwing a huge retirement party for his service dog

Seattle's Alex Stone is never without his service dog, Fraser. Born with cerebral palsy, Fraser is the only reason Alex was able to live independently and travel. But it's time for 10 year old Fraser to retire.

Anxiety is now the No. 1 mental health issue plaguing college students

Anxiety is now the most common mental health diagnosis among college students, knocking depression into the number two slot. The American College Health Association says one in six college students have been diagnosed with, or treated for, anxiety within the last year.

A profile of the river rafting, four-letter word blurting nun on Shaw Island

Our Lady of the Rock's Mother Hildegard says it's hard to recruit new, young nuns these days, especially in the famously nonreligious northwest.

Prayer and Work: the life of a Benedictine nun on Shaw Island

On Shaw Island, the smallest and least populated San Juan Island reached by ferry, is Our Lady of the Rock, a monastery home to seven Benedictine nuns.

An ex-con on how intelligence and street smarts equal a successful prison escape

Ex-con Larry Lawton says intelligence, street smarts, inside help, and lots of free time are the perfect storm for a successful escape.

Does family trump business?

The founder of Virgin once again made headlines with the announcement that the UK-based group is now offering some staff up to one year parental leave on full pay.

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