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Who is Rachel Belle?
Rachel Belle's "Ring My Belle" segment airs Monday-Friday on The Ron & Don Show. You can hear "Ring My Belle Weekends" Sundays at 3pm. Rachel is a northern California native who loves anything and everything culinary, playing Scrabble, petting cats and performing improv.

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It's almost harbor seal season, and you can help keep them safe

Puget Sound beaches see more harbor seals than any other marine mammal, but when some people see them hanging out on the sand they think the seal is in danger. They're usually not. But the Sno-King Marine Mammal Response volunteers field calls and respond to beaches to calm situations and make sure the seals are left alone.

Seattle gets its first certified coffee sommelier, and he likes Starbucks

Seattle is known for coffee, but until now it didn't have it's very own certified coffee sommelier. Erik Liedholm has changed all that.

Closure of popular Seattle restaurant is a blow to nostalgic

Some people may not care that Seattle's oldest Mexican restaurant is closing, but for some it's like losing a piece of the city.

One year, one Tacoma family, and a trip to 59 national parks

Following President Obama's "Let's Get Every Kid In A Park," initiative, a Tacoma mom and her two daughters are spending the next year visiting every national park.

The Puberty Lady teaches the birds and the bees in Seattle

Girls squirm, laugh and take notes, as Julie Metzger teaches the stages of puberty at Seattle Children's hospital.

A Kim Jong-Il Production: The Extraordinary True Story of a Kidnapped Filmmaker & His Star Actress

A new book details the unbelievable story of a young Kim Jong-Il who once kidnapped a South Korean actor and director and forces them to fall in love and make films for him.

Pamper your pooch with homemade, edible shampoos and treatments

Sister and brother team behind Seattle's High Maintenance Bitch brand are coming out with a new book of recipes for health and beauty treatments for your dog.

Cle Elum chimp sanctuary brings fresh air, freedom to captive chimps

In rural Cle Elum, amongst the fresh air, trees and rivers, is a chimp sanctuary where seven chimps now live freely after a lifetime of being tested on for medical research.

Real-life Seattle 'Full House' family is the answer to the city's rent crisis

Three and a half months ago, Seattle's Julia Massey and Jared Cortese became parents to baby Carl. They wanted to move to a bigger place, but couldn't afford it on their musician salaries. So they rented a bigger house with Jared's two brothers to save money, create a stronger community for themselves and raise their son in a close knit family atmosphere.

Living with an ex: a divorced Seattle couple lives together, raises kids together

Whitney and Brian live in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood with their two kids, only they got a divorce 10 years ago. The pair, who call themselves friends and a team, decided to raise their kids together, in one house, while living in separate bedrooms.

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