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How Microsoft can use Minecraft to build its education strategy

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Educators had the right to feel a little freaked out about Microsoft?s announcement that it was acquiring Minecraft maker Mojang. Microsoft?s news release stated, ?The Mojang team will join Microsoft Studios, which includes the studios behind global blockbuster franchises Halo, Forza, Fable and more.? Xbox head Phil Spencer?s blog said, ?Minecraft adds diversity to our game portfolio and helps us reach new gamers across multiple platforms.? And Mojang?s own blog post noted, ?We?re confident that Minecraft will continue to grow in an awesome way.? Not a single initial announcement noted a key ? and strong ? market for Minecraft: K-12 … Read More on GeekWire

Paper drawing app for iPad gets new artistic collaboration service

FiftyThree, the company behind the Paper drawing app for iPad and the Pencil stylus, announced today that it?s launching a new collaboration service called Mix for its users. The service makes it easy for users to share content that they?ve created in Paper with the world, and allows Paper users to pull down content other people have created to modify it. According to Paper Co-Founder and CEO Georg Petschnigg, it?s designed to make it easier for people to share their ideas and get started making things with Paper. ?For us, the overarching goal is to make creativity and creation more … Read More on GeekWire

Amazon reveals plans to spend whopping $1.1 billion on Ohio data center

Seattle-based is considering a big expansion in the Buckeye State, revealing plans to spend us much as $1.1 billion on a new data center in Dublin, Ohio ? just outside of Columbus. Reports in The Columbus Dispatch and The Seattle Times in the past few weeks detail plans to build the facility on 68 acres at Dublin’s West Innovation District, with the City Council set to vote on the proposal on Sept. 22nd. The facility would employ 120 people, with government incentives, including free land, totaling some $81 million, according to the Dispatch. Other sites also are in play for … Read More on GeekWire

Amazon exec: Twitch’s culture made it a natural fit for acquisition

SAN FRANCISCO ? When asked about Amazon’s $970 million acquisition of Twitch, Mike Frazzini, the Vice President of Amazon Game Studios, called out the game-streaming startup’s culture as a key reason the Seattle-based company was interested in an acquisition. “We’ve known the Twitch leadership team for a while now,” he said at the GamesBeat conference. “I think I met them for the first time 3 years ago just as they were getting started. When we got to know them and their team generally speaking, what we found was that there was an awesome fit with Amazon’s culture.” Getting to know … Read More on GeekWire

Amazon games chief explains strategy for making new titles, attracting talent

SAN FRANCISCO ? Amazon Game Studios has picked up a lot of high-profile talent in the form of developers who have worked on some of the game industry’s top franchises, including “Portal,” “Left 4 Dead” and “Bioshock.” But how does a studio without a major hit under its belt manage to attract top talent, and what are they doing with that talent? According to Mike Frazzini, the vice president in charge of Amazon Game Studios, the company is looking to tread a middle path between hard-core games that require massive teams and millions of dollars in investment, and smaller social … Read More on GeekWire

How Amazon’s new Seattle office buildings will recycle ‘waste heat’ from nearby data centers

The biodomes Amazon is planning for its new Seattle campus aren’t the only green aspects to the company’s expansion in the area. Amazon is moving ahead with a unique plan to use heat generated from data centers in the nearby Westin Building to warm some of its new buildings downtown. The system transfers the heat from the data centers via water piped underground to the Amazon buildings. The water is then returned to the Westin Building once it’s cooled down to help cool the data centers. The setup will be unusual. “Certainly there are other people using waste heat from server … Read More on GeekWire

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on Seattle, Silicon Valley, China, and poetry

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella had a lot to say during his talk at the Greater Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce today, his first public address to the region’s leaders since becoming the company’s top executive. It was a hometown crowd, and at times Nadella was clearly playing to it ? without giving any specifics on Microsoft’s long-term growth plans in the region or other parts of the world. “I think this is an amazing place to be,” he said. “It’s a real privilege for us. As I was telling the mayor of Seattle when I just met him backstage, every time … Read More on GeekWire