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Google rebrands enterprise products as ‘Google for Work’

Google announced today that it is rebranding its products for businesses as “Google for Work” as a part of the company’s ongoing push to get its services better integrated into companies that have traditionally been served by other technology vendors. The Google for Work brand encompasses all of the company’s enterprise products, including its Google Apps for Work productivity and collaboration suite. It’s a move by Google to continue to encroach on territory that has been controlled by Microsoft in the past. The company is trying to leverage the consumer popularity of Gmail, Google search and Android into a lasting … Read More on GeekWire

MIT study: Services like UberPool, Lyft Line cut transit time, pollution

Last month, both Uber and Lyft announced that they were testing out ways for people to carpool with others who are riding on similar routes. The feature helps passengers cut their ride costs by as much as 60 percent. Now, MIT researchers have found that services like UberPool and Lyft Line not only save money for riders, but also reduce pollution, road congestion, and travel time by significant amounts. MIT News has the details of a study that analyzed 150 million trip records from more than 13,000 taxi cabs in New York City. Researchers from MIT, Cornell, and the Italian National Research Council?s Institute for Informatics and Telematics … Read More on GeekWire

Welcome to the new GeekWire

Regular readers will notice something different about GeekWire as you browse the site today ? especially if you’re reading on a smartphone. We’ve rebooted the site with a new, mobile-responsive design and a slate of new features. The changes included streamlined story pages, larger images throughout the site, and a redesigned top navigational menu that provides quick access to news categories and site features. Some of the highlights: The top of GeekWire’s home page now spotlights a featured story, plus a trending story that’s proving popular among readers based on comments or traffic. Check back throughout the day to see what’s featured and trending. Story pages now feature … Read More on GeekWire

Netflix launches new Facebook sharing to push video content to friends

There comes a time when a Netflix show is so great that you just have to share it with other people in your life. Until today, that was best accomplished by raving about Star Trek: Voyager to them in person, or sending them a text message. Now, when someone finishes a movie or TV show on Netflix, they’ll be asked if they want to connect to Facebook and recommend it to their friends, thanks to a new feature the company launched today. Users will be able to choose from a selection of their pals, and the next time those people … Read More on GeekWire

Fresh bids for T-Mobile appear likely as Iliad considers sweetening its offer

John Legere
T-Mobile, the fourth-largest carrier in the U.S., may find a buyer yet. After nearly a year of ill-fated negotiations with Sprint, it seemed a deal was off of the table for the foreseeable future. But now, Iliad, the little-known French telecom company that made an out-of-the-blue bid for the company this summer, is back and ready to sweeten the pot. Deutsche Telekom, which owns 67 percent of the Bellevue-based U.S. carrier, said as recently as last week that it was interested in entertaining offers that value T-Mobile at $35 per share or more — that’s slightly above the $15 billion acquisition offer ($33 per share) the … Read More on GeekWire

Microsoft to sell Xbox One in 29 new markets this month including China, Japan

Microsoft announced today that it is selling the Xbox One in 29 new markets this month, including Japan, India, Russia, and China. Eight of the markets were set to have the Xbox One earlier, but Microsoft delayed that process last year. The console, which debuted in November, will now be available in 42 markets. Sony’s Playstation 4, which is outpacing the Xbox One in terms of devices sold, has been available in 48 markets since December. The release in China on Sept. 23 is notable, as the Xbox One will be the first foreign console available in China since 2000, when the country … Read More on GeekWire

Jeff Bezos taps Politico co-founder as new Washington Post publisher CEO Jeff Bezos has tapped Politico co-founder Fred Ryan as the new publisher of The Washington Post. Ryan will begin working Oct. 1 and takes over for Katharine Weymouth, who was publisher since 2008. The leadership change is significant in part because Weymouth’s departure ends more than 80 years of leadership from the Graham family, which owned the Post before Bezos bought the publication last year for $250 million. Politico is the Post’s big rival as far political coverage goes in D.C. Check out this Washington Post story for more.