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New ‘Cambia Grove’ health-care innovation center in Seattle will link tech startups with big players

Cambia Health Solutions, the parent company of Regence and other health-care companies, plans to open a new 9,000-square-foot health care innovation center in downtown Seattle, dubbed The Cambia Grove, that will connect startups and entrepreneurs with leaders in health care, business and government ? aiming to find new approaches to some of the biggest challenges in the industry. The center is slated to open in the first quarter of 2015 at 9th and Olive in Seattle. The company, based on Portland, is announcing the plan today at the 25th Annual Governor’s Life Sciences Summit, hosted by the Washington Biotechnology & Biomedical Association and Gov. Jay Inslee. The first “anchor partners” … Read More on GeekWire

No conspiracy here: Amazon’s Visa card now works with Apple Pay

Amazon said this morning that its Amazon Rewards Visa card ? you know, the one the company tries to get you to sign up for when you buy stuff online ? will now work with Apple Pay, the new mobile payments system that rolled out for the iPhone 6 this week. The initial lack of support sparked conspiracy theories online as rumors spread that Amazon specifically opted out of its rival’s mobile payments system, which would have been notable because of the Amazon card’s association with Chase, one of Apple?s major launch partners. However, an Amazon spokesman debunked those theories in response to … Read More on GeekWire

Microsoft’s patent royalties take a hit as Android market shifts

Photo by Trophy Geek, via Flickr.
One counter-trend in a strong quarter for Microsoft was a decline in overall licensing revenue in its Devices & Consumer business. Licensing revenue fell from by nearly $400 million to $4.1 billion, from $4.5 billion a year ago. In its quarterly 10Q filing, Microsoft says a large portion of the difference was “a $176 million decline in Windows Phone revenue.” That phrase, “Windows Phone revenue,” does not mean what you might think it means. As the filing goes on to explain, the “Windows Phone revenue” decrease was “primarily due to lower per unit royalties based upon the mix of devices sold by our licensees.” Translation: Android makers … Read More on GeekWire

RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser: What baseball and startups share in common

RealNetworks founder Rob Glaser speaking at the University of Washington as part of Seattle Startup Week.
Rob Glaser loves technology startups, but the RealNetworks founder also loves baseball. A small percentage owner in the Seattle Mariners, Glaser’s Twitter stream is usually packed full of baseball minutiae. He even had the Mariner Moose dump a bucket of ice water on his head earlier this year as part of the ALS challenge, and it’s no coincidence that Real’s new offices are within spitting distance of Safeco Field in Seattle. I didn’t get the honor of dumping water on Glaser’s head Thursday night, though I was able to pepper the tech exec with a few hard-ball and soft-ball questions during … Read More on GeekWire

App of the Week: Path Talk lets businesses answer text messages from customers

Sitting on hold with a business to get a question answered is one of the great frustrations in life. I’ve had days when I just need to know if this one inconsequential item is in stock somewhere, but I first have to wait 25 minutes listening to soft rock in order to get an answer. Enter Path Talk, a messaging app for iPhone and Android built by Path, the social networking company started by former Facebook manager Dave Morin. On the face of things, Path Talk is yet another messaging app people can use to communicate with one another. But … Read More on GeekWire

Startup Spotlight: LiveStories offers data visualization tools for non-technical people

Data infographics are a great way to show numbers and information in a visual, easy-to-digest form. But actually producing them can be a real pain for those without technical skills to do so. LiveStories wants to help. The new startup and Techstars Seattle 2014 company helps users create interactive stories, charts, and infographics with a visual editor tool that does not require a degree in computer science or design and suggests possible visualizations based on your data without a single interaction. “If the world is to be data-driven, there needs to be a tool for the rest of the world … Read More on GeekWire

Postal Service wins approval for 2-year grocery delivery test in S.F., expanding Amazon pilot

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The federal Postal Regulatory Commission today approved a request by the U.S. Postal Service to conduct a two-year test of early morning grocery delivery by Postal Service employees and vehicles in San Francisco, expanding beyond an initial pilot with Amazon Fresh. The approval came despite objections from the Taxpayers Protection Alliance, which contended that the expansion has the potential to harm private grocery delivery services. In its order approving the test, the commission said it “has evaluated the Postal Service?s pricing plans filed under seal as well as a sampling of similar grocery delivery service providers.” It continued, “The Commission finds that the prices offered by grocery … Read More on GeekWire