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GeekWire Radio: Seeking the perfect cup of coffee, with a shot of technology

How can you brew the best cup of coffee at home or work? Are convenient home-brewing technologies making your coffee better or worse? What are the tricks for getting the best espresso at a coffee shop? And should you consider roasting beans yourself? Those are just a few of the topics on this special edition of the GeekWire radio show, featuring three guests who provide different perspectives on the world of coffee. Joining me in the studio are … Tad Haas, a startup founder, Microsoft veteran and avid home roaster whose passion for coffee has been fueled by his travels in North and Central America. Scott Callender of La... Read More on GeekWire

Nike reportedly cuts majority of its FuelBand team, steps back from wearable hardware

Owners of a Nike FuelBand may soon have a relic on their hands. The company has laid off 70 to 80 percent of its FuelBand team, about 55 employees based in Beaverton, Oregon and Hong Kong, according to a report by Cnet. Citing an anonymous source familiar with Nike’s plans, the report said that the company is getting out of the wearable hardware business, and appears that its Digital Sport division won’t be producing any new devices. Instead, the company ? which confirmed the layoffs in the Cnet report ? is going to be focusing on building a software platform that... Read More on GeekWire

Seattle will issue cease-and-desist to ride-sharing companies if deal can’t be reached

Seattle will issue a ceast-and-desist letter to app-based transportation startups like UberX, Lyft and Sidecar if an agreement between the companies, taxi drivers and city leaders cannot be made by the end of May. In an interview with GeekWire today, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray said that he will spend the next 45 days working with stakeholders to come up with regulations that everybody can agree upon. On Thursday, a coalition group that received more than $400,000 in donations from UberX and Lyft submitted enough signatures to suspend a newly-passed ordinance regulating the transportation companies, which utilize smartphone apps and everyday drivers to shuttle people around town. While the... Read More on GeekWire

Q&A: Rick Johnson on working at Valve, Facebook’s Oculus deal, and the future of augmented reality

Photo 1
Rick Johnson thinks that the future includes a world where people can take an augmented view of the world around them, whether that’s a wall that can show any kind of artwork, or a cookbook that can show people where to find a spice in their spice rack. Johnson, a former Valve Software employee and the co-founder of Technical Illusions, which raised more than $1 million to produce its castAR augmented reality glasses, sat down with Todd Bishop and John Cook for last week’s GeekWire podcast to discuss his work on augmented reality and what could be the future of... Read More on GeekWire

Ready for Webvan 2.0? Grocery service’s founder is taking another bite at the apple

HDS Top Graphic 2013.10.23
Nobody would blame Webvan co-founder Louis Borders for staying away from the grocery delivery business. His company saw a meteoric rise during the first dot-com boom, but was laid low after an expansion push outside the San Francisco Bay Area, including an acquisition of Bellevue-based, didn’t work out. But Borders, who was also a co-founder of the bookseller chain of the same name, has other plans. There’s a listing for a stealth brand named “Home Delivery Service” on the website of Mercury, an incubator that Borders runs. The listing, which was first spotted by Re/code, shows that Borders is... Read More on GeekWire

App of the Week: Carousel takes Dropbox photos for a spin

Dropbox is one of the leading providers of consumer cloud storage, but the company’s bread and butter has been offering users a folder on their computer that syncs to the cloud. Dropbox’s service has branched out to allow app data syncing and automated camera uploads, but Dropbox’s core interface hasn’t gotten much better. Working through a hierarchical file system makes sense on the desktop, but it doesn’t work nearly as well on mobile, especially with a bunch of similarly-named image files. Carousel, a new Android and iPhone app from Dropbox, aims to make managing photos through the cloud storage service... Read More on GeekWire

Bummed in ‘Silicon Valley’: Why I can’t stand these new shows about startups

Thomas Middleditch and Josh Brener in HBO?s ?Silicon Valley.? (Jaimie Trueblood/HBO)
Last week I did something I rarely do. I posted an angry tweet: “Everyone,” huh? Again, TV people, would it be so bad to put just one serious woman in a show about tech startups? :( ? Monica Guzman (@moniguzman) April 11, 2014 I hesitated before I sent it. There’s more going on here than can be summed up in 140 characters. More than could possibly be fronted by my one, narrow reaction. But the thing is, I’ve had it. The tech world is getting this big screen moment and in this one way, at least, it’s a total... Read More on GeekWire