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NFL tests new Microsoft Surface on-field applications, says technology ‘worked well’

You may see Microsoft’s Surface tablet in use during NFL games much more frequently next season. During Sunday’s Pro Bowl, the NFL tested a bevy of new applications with the Surface tablet, including a replay review system for referees and the ability for players and coaches to watch video of recent plays on the sideline. The NFL said it received “positive feedback” from coaches, players, and officials who tested the technology on Sunday. A league spokesperson noted that it “was a good proving ground on how we may deploy these technologies in the future.” The tests could lead to expanded use of the Microsoft Surface … Read More on GeekWire

Bill and Melinda Gates receive high award of ‘distinguished service’ from India

Photo via Flickr/TED 2014
The Indian government honored Bill and Melinda Gates this weekend with a Padma, one of the highest civilian awards in the country. The pair received the award for their work to improve health in developing nations, according to Reuters. The Padma is awarded yearly to Indians and foreigners for their service in several areas, including philanthropy and social work. The distinguished award comes on the heels of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosting President Barack Obama for talks about how the two countries can better work together. The Gates’ have also worked in India to slow the spread of HIV, and for better nutrition … Read More on GeekWire

Watch NASA’s awesome video from space of that nasty Nor’easter that’s hitting New York and Boston

Photo via NASA Goddard
We hope you didn’t have plans to fly anywhere near the Northeast this week, as a massive Nor’easter is shutting down New York and Boston today and tomorrow. But this look at the storm from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center is pretty cool. The video captures what happens when the low-pressure area from the Midwest moved into the Atlantic Ocean, set to cause the blizzard that everyone is pretty much freaking out about today. The footage was captured in a NASA movie of NOAA’s GOES-East satellite imagery and spans the storm’s path from Jan. 24 through today. Many parts of … Read More on GeekWire

Oculus debuts short ‘Lost’ at Sundance, bringing virtual reality to film

Photo via Oculus Rift
It doesn’t seem that long ago that all the rage in movies was 3D. Forget that: Oculus is making headlines at Sundance with its Story Studio, which will focus on exploring virtual reality in moviemaking. Oculus Story Studio is also debuting its first short at the film festival called Lost, a “real-time computer generated VR experience for the Crescent Bay prototype,” according to the Verge. It’s directed by former Pixar animator Saschka Unseld, who has worked on Toy Story 3, Brave and created the short The Blue Umbrella, which ran before Monsters University. Lost is about five minutes long, but, … Read More on GeekWire

Zillow partners with Mid-Atlantic multiple listing service for sales data

Zillow will now have the most up-to-date information possible on homes for sale in the Mid-Atlantic region thanks to a new partnership with the local area multiple listings service. The Metropolitan Regional Information Systems (MRIS), covering Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia, has agreed to participate in the Zillow Partnership Platform. Going forward, the brokers in that region will have the option of sending their more than 50,000 residential listings and 80,000 rental listings to Zillow for free.  “Our brokers retain complete control over their listings and the opportunity to market them as they see fit,” said David … Read More on GeekWire

Drone crashes on White House grounds, causes lockdown

Photo via Flickr user Daniel Zimmerman (callmewhatever).
Drones have made their way to the White House. The Washington Post reported this morning that a small “quad copter” with four propellers flew at a low altitude and crashed on the White House grounds early Monday morning. While authorities say the drone did not pose any threat to the first family ? President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are in India; their daughters are in Washington D.C. with their grandmother ? the White House still went into immediate lockdown when the drone was spotted. There’s no further information on a possible suspect or the drone itself. It is illegal … Read More on GeekWire

Uber will cap surge pricing during New York blizzard

Those looking to get around New York during the big blizzard that is expected to drop 3 feet of snow on Monday evening can use Uber without having to worry about paying ridiculously-high prices for a ride. As Bloomberg Businessweek notes, Uber will cap its dynamic pricing model ? which jacks up the price of a ride to help encourage more drivers to work when demand is exceeding supply ? in NYC during the storm. The governors of New York and New Jersey declared a State of Emergency on Monday morning. Uber promised limit surge pricing during U.S. emergencies or disasters this past July after it inked … Read More on GeekWire