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Once foes, now friends: Uber, for-hire drivers team up for ‘Driver Appreciation Day’

Earlier this year, drivers from for-hire companies in Seattle would attend City Council meetings and publicly voice their displeasure with new startups like Uber and Lyft. Now, though, those feelings have appeared to go away. Less than a month after the Seattle City Council passed legislation to legalize transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, the King County For Hire Association has teamed up with Uber to put on an event tonight that “recognizes the driver community in Seattle, its diversity and the outstanding level of service and safety they provide to Seattle residents and visitors.” Yep, that’s right ? those... Read More on GeekWire

How geeks go camping: Drones, lasers and more from ToorCamp 2014

Editor’s Note: Amal Graafstra was one of hundreds of people who attended ToorCamp, a summer camp for geeks earlier this month on the Washington coast. The author of the book RFID Toys and a “double RFID implantee,” Graafstra documents the experience in this guest post. A whole gaggle of hackers, makers, breakers, and shakers gathered on the shores of Neah Bay, on the Washington state coast, for ToorCamp 2014. A hacker conference/camping trip that only happens every two years, ToorCamp is a combination of giddy fun and sand in your shorts. When I went camping as a child, arrival at the campground suddenly meant I could play with fire,... Read More on GeekWire

GeekWork: Great jobs at F5, Zillow, Avalara, and more

F5 Networks is a quiet tech giant, but many of us rely on its infrastructure every day. The company, which helps online services and cloud applications run smoothly, employs over 3,300 people, pulls in $1.5 billion in annual revenue and has a market value of more than $8.6 billion. Despite competition from cloud services, F5 is going strong, with a reported increase of 17% in its fiscal third-quarter profits. Given this success, it may not come as a surprise that the company just posted more than 35 job listings on GeekWork, our site for technology jobs in the Pacific Northwest. One of these openings is a unique Content Strategist position.... Read More on GeekWire

Google exec: Cloud price wars have only just begun

Google's Brian Goldfarb addresses the audience in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood today.
Google’s cloud team is on a city-by-city roadshow, trying to persuade developers to use Google Cloud Platform to run their apps and online services, leveraging the technology developed by Google to run its own massive cloud services. Today the tour stopped in the backyard of Microsoft and Amazon, with a message: Cloud prices haven’t been dropping quickly enough, and Google is aiming to change that. “We fundamentally believe … that it should always be cheaper to run in the cloud, no matter what your workload,” said Brian Goldfarb, the head of marketing for the Google Cloud Platform, talking to an audience at the company’s offices in Seattle’s Fremont... Read More on GeekWire

Wireless pioneer John Stanton named to Microsoft board in latest bid by software giant to gain ground in mobile

John Stanton
John Stanton helped transform the mobile industry over the past three decades, serving in executive roles at McCaw Celluar; Western Wireless and VoiceStream Wireless. He’s also the former chairman of Bellevue-based Clearwire. Now the mobile phone pioneer is going to help guide Microsoft as it embarks on a challenging course of catching up to Apple and Google in mobile computing. Stanton was named to Microsoft’s board today, becoming the 11th director of the world’s largest software maker. ?John?s insights into mobility around the globe and his expertise in working with organizations as CEO and as a board member will be... Read More on GeekWire

Rob Glaser is officially back as RealNetworks CEO, shedding ‘interim’ title after two years

Rob Glaser
More than two years after returning as the interim CEO of RealNetworks, founder Rob Glaser was named the company’s permanent chief executive this afternoon ? shedding the “interim” title and officially reclaiming the position that he held for more than 15 years. The decision by the RealNetworks board, announced this afternoon, speaks in part to the difficulty the Seattle media company has had in finding a successor to lead the company. When returning as interim CEO in July 2012, after the departure of two chief executives, Glaser had said he wasn’t a candidate for the permanent position. RealNetworks, a pioneer of online media,... Read More on GeekWire

Nintendo loses another $97M despite increasing Wii U sales

Mario Kart 8 has been a hit thus far, but the racing game hasn’t been enough to help Nintendo get out of the red. The gaming giant today posted a loss of $97.3 million for last quarter, marking its third loss in the past four quarters. Revenue came in at about $732 million, which was an 8 percent dip from this time last year. The loss comes despite Nintendo selling 510,000 Wii U consoles last quarter, a noticeable improvement from the 160,000 units it sold in the year-ago quarter and a slight increase from the 310,000 units sold in the March quarter. Nintendo’s 3DS... Read More on GeekWire