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Full video: Steve Ballmer on net neutrality, why ideas matter and how Bill Gates convinced him to drop out

Steve Ballmer at the L.A. Clippers fan fest. Photo via L.A. Clippers
Steve Ballmer returned to his alma mater of Harvard University to provide computer science students insights about what he learned over his career at the university that served him well going forward into his life as a high-ranking Microsoft exec, and then as the CEO of the Redmond-based tech giant. In a ranging 45-minute lecture and Q&A session, Ballmer touched on a wide variety of topics, including the LA Clippers, how his career started at Microsoft, and his views on the ongoing debate over Net Neutrality. Here are some transcribed highlights (the full video is embedded above): On why ideas … Read More on GeekWire

Moleskine 2.0: This innovative notebook just crushed its Kickstarter funding goal

Kate Matsudaira thinks she’s come up with the perfect notebook ? and so far, it appears others agree. The PopForms founder on Thursday launched a Kickstarter for Spark Notebook, which Matsudaira describes as a “notebook, planner and journal that combines form and function, giving you the tools you need to be the smartest person in the room.” The campaign hit its $14,000 funding goal within 24 hours, and as of Saturday afternoon, has raised more than $24,000. Matsudaira is on pace to raise more than $250,000 when the campaign ends on Dec. 20. The Spark Notebook is an all-in-one organizational tool featuring 200 pages that … Read More on GeekWire

GeekWire Radio: Our 3rd Annual Geeky Holiday Gift & Gadget Guide

Which gadgets should you buy for the geeks on your list? And which should you put on your own wish list? We’re here with answers this week on the GeekWire radio show, with the return of our annual Holiday Gift & Gadget Guide. We’ve selected a range of devices for you to consider, based on our own experience using them, and in some cases covering the companies that make them. We’re joined in this annual tradition by one of our favorite guests, Andru Edwards, the editor-and-chief of Gear Live, who holds the record for appearances on the GeekWire show ? so many, in … Read More on GeekWire

Sales tax titan Avalara expands operations in North Carolina

Avalara, the Bainbridge Island-based sales tax compliance company, announced today that it has expanded its footprint to Durham, N.C. The company will be moving into an office in the city’s American Tobacco Historic District, The office will house about 115 employees at first, including all of the people who currently work at Avalara’s CertCapture office in Raleigh. The office will also house new members of the company’s sales and customer support teams. Overall, Avalara plans to occupy about 40,000 square feet of office space, and plans to complete the move in the first half of 2015. ?We?re excited about expanding … Read More on GeekWire

Boeing chief engineer says SpaceX ‘drives us to be better’

Boeing doesn’t mind its competition ? in fact, the company welcomes it. That was the message from Ted Goetz, a chief engineer with Boeing’s Commercial Crew who spoke today at Spacefest, a three-day event organized by the Museum of Flight in Seattle. After describing the development of Boeing’s CST-100, Goetz was asked about SpaceX, the Elon Musk-led company that is sharing a $7 billion NASA contract with Boeing to help send astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS). “With SpaceX in the picture, it’s actually pretty cool,” Goetz said. “They drive us to be better. It helps us sharpen our skills, and re-examine some of … Read More on GeekWire

Old school: President Obama still uses a Blackberry

Blackberry may be struggling to gain market share, but the phone maker still has at least one loyal customer: Barack Obama. The president was boarding Marine One on Friday when he realized that his phone was missing. So, he hopped out, swooped his Blackberry, and held up the device to reporters: "I forgot my Blackberry" President Obama yells to reporters as he boards Marine One. — Doug Mills (@dougmillsnyt) November 21, 2014 Obama has been a longtime Blackberry owner, despite the fact that the Canadian company has just a 2.3 percent share of the U.S. smartphone market as of August. He told the Wall Street … Read More on GeekWire

Seattle Police Department cuts deal with records requester to release video footage

Photo via Vievu.
The Seattle Police Department has made a deal with an anonymous computer programmer who submitted a massive series of public records requests, including one for all of the videos produced by patrol car cameras. The Seattle Times notes that the department will work with the man, known as @PoliceVideo on Twitter, to publicly release videos produced by dashboard- and body-mounted cameras. After the man submitted an enormous amount of public records requests on Tuesday, SPD Chief Operating Officer Mike Wagers told the Times that he doubted the department could fulfill the requests, and they could have put the department’s plan to test … Read More on GeekWire