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Bing Don’t Lie: Microsoft algorithm accurately predicts outcome of ‘The Voice’

So far, so good for Microsoft’s foray into pop-culture predictions. By crunching data from social networks and the company’s Bing search engine, Microsoft was able to correctly predict the two contestants eliminated from “The Voice” on Tuesday night. Sorry, Dani Moz and TJ Wilkins, but the algorithm was right. Maybe that’s what Shakira was pissed about. Microsoft had originally predicted that Delvin and Dani would be gone, but the prediction shifted to TJ and Dani after the week’s performances. The company says the predictions are based on the frequency and “sentiment” of Bing searches and social media posts about the contestants. The feature can be accessed by typing “The Voice... Read More on GeekWire

Whole Foods is turning overripe produce into fertilizer with this geeky machine

Just when you thought Whole Foods couldn’t get any more green, well, now the organic grocery store is. The Austin-based market announced today that its Bellevue, Wash. location will soon begin converting food scraps into organic fertilizer that can be sold to farmers and consumers. The process is made possible by Redmond-based WISErg, which has built a geeky machine called the ?Harvester.” WISErg has developed technology that intercepts nutrients still existing in food waste like overripe produce and unsold prepared foods, and converts that into a liquid which can be used for local agricultural farming. The machine also provides data reports to help grocers and restaurants better manage perishable inventory and... Read More on GeekWire

GeekWire Awards: Vote for Gadget of the Year

An iPad-enabled microscope camera. A sensor that can detect water leaks in homes. A camera lens for mobile phones. These are just a few of the sweet devices up for our GeekWire Awards Gadget of the Year category, which features some of the most impressive pieces of hardware that entrepreneurs in this region have built. As with each of our categories, the five finalists below were nominated by the community and then selected with the input of our panel of judges. The winners will be announced May 8th at the GeekWire Awards show, taking place at the EMP Museum in Seattle. A big... Read More on GeekWire

Analysts project flat March quarter financials from Apple

Apple's University Village store. (Credit: Apple)
Apple is going to announce its quarterly earnings tomorrow, and investors are skeptically watching the company to see what’s new. Last quarter, Apple’s stock fell following its earnings release after the company announced guidance for this quarter that showed a year-over-year revenue decline, in part because of some changes in accounting practices. But while the drop may be explainable, growth-oriented investors are concerned that the Cupertino-based company may not be as capable of turning out new blockbuster products that drive massive financial growth. Analysts from the Thomson Reuters survey expect Apple will announce it pulled in more than $43.5 billion in revenue... Read More on GeekWire

Kids activity Web site Sigby shuts doors; Tohula fades away too

Katie Thompson
Seattle-based Sigby is saying sayonara ? just fifteen months after the company raised $1.2 million in cash from WRF Capital, Clear Fir and Trilogy Equity Partners. “Thanks for coming on the adventure with us, but Sigby is closing its doors,” says a message on the company’s Web site. Founded by former venture capitalist Katie Thompson, Sigby created a service to help busy parents find educational and fun activities for their kids. The online directory of classes and camps was free to use, with Sigby intending to make its money by passing leads to the various classes and schools. GeekWire previously featured Sigby in... Read More on GeekWire

Placester closes $5.5M round for yet another online real estate idea

Here’s another spin on bringing the real estate industry online that could enable any agent to compete directly with the likes of Zillow or Redfin. Boston-based Placester announced today it has raised $5.5 million in capital to create a publishing platform that offers consumer search, real estate inventory info and related ad products. The company’s founder, Matt Barba, who was a former real estate agent, explained to TechCrunch that Placester solves the problem many agents face when trying to launch their own site. Placester offers tools to agents to get them going quickly, including a WordPress template. It also pays for hosting and Multiple Listing Service... Read More on GeekWire

Apple offers everyone a way to get on the cutting edge with new OS X beta program

Apple has decided to offer interested users the chance to try out beta versions of OS X through a new seed program. While the company has offered Mac developers a chance to download pre-release versions of the OS for years, the new initiative allows anyone with an Apple ID to get their hands on the cutting edge OS update. It’s similar to Microsoft’s process of offering previews of its major operating system updates to the public before their ultimate release, and an interesting move from a company like Apple, which usually keeps software updates closer to its vest. People who... Read More on GeekWire