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Beyond video games: How virtual reality is transforming real estate

Buying a condo or leasing a new office space can be a giant and costly decision ? and it’s all the more difficult when the building doesn’t yet exist.

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin dealt setback in patent dispute with SpaceX over rocket landings

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has won a key preliminary ruling in its dispute with Blue Origin over a patent received by the Jeff Bezos-backed commercial space venture covering the landing of rockets at sea.

Why big data matters to Boeing, and what it means for your next flight

The name Boeing typically conjures images of airplanes, defense systems and space capsules.

Mark Cuban: This tech bubble is worse than the tech bubble of 2000

Dot-com era startup founder and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban isn’t being polite about the state of tech industry investment.

Microsoft engineer working on HoloLens augmented reality project killed in car crash

Mike Ey, a 30-year-old software engineer working on Microsoft’s HoloLens project, was killed on Saturday after another driver rear-ended him going 100 miles an hour.

Everything is awesome — especially this Lego photography exhibit

The geekiest art opening of the year is coming to the Bryan Ohno Gallery in Seattle’s International District Thursday night.

Fast-growing startup Porch plans to move from its home in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood

Porch, the Seattle home improvement data startup, is looking for a new home capable of accommodating its booming staff ? planning to vacate its headquarters in the South Lake Union neighborhood later this year, GeekWire has learned.