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Group of Mercer Island residents wants out of King County Library System

A group of Mercer Island residents is filing a petition to break away from the King County Library System because they don't like the county's remodel plans and say their library is just fine the way it is.

Dori Monson completes the ice bucket challenge

Dori Monson got called out by two people to complete the ice bucket challenge, so he thought it was finally time to get it done.

Email sent by King County sheriff's captain is harmless

Amidst all the criticism of cops, something happening here locally is ridiculous. A King County sheriff's captain is getting flack for something he wrote in an email.

Are criminals taking over Seattle's Golden Gardens?

A man enjoying some time at Seattle's Golden Gardens Park was the victim of an armed carjacking Tuesday evening.

St. Louis police shoot, kill knife-wielding man

St. Louis police say officers shot and killed a 23-year-old African American man who was wielding a knife and refused to drop it.

Bainbridge teen ends tree-sit to block shopping center development

When Chiara D'Angelo-Patricio learned developers planned to cut down 800 trees for a new Bainbridge Island shopping center, she burst into tears. Now, she's taken to the treetops in hopes of halting the project.

SAFE in Seattle protests sheriff's arrests in West Seattle eviction

A group advocating for a West Seattle family that was arrested Friday for allegedly trespassing at a property they were evicted from in July is holding a protest outside the King County Sheriff's Office.

How's this for irony? Seattle City Light CEO doling out advice on how to avoid cons

Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco is telling us to look out for con artists.

Sheriff on West Seattle eviction: I made the decision to go in and enforce the law

The stalemate over the eviction of a couple in West Seattle has come to an end as the King County Sheriff finally came to the decision it was time to enforce the law.

Lakewood father paralyzed in body surfing accident hopes to walk again within six months

After an accident that might leave many people questioning their faith, a Lakewood man's faith is stronger than ever.

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