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Prosecutor in Molly Conley trial: Disappointed in manslaughter verdict, but goals accomplished

The manslaughter conviction of Erick Walker in the death of Molly Conley was a lesser verdict than Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe was looking for, but he said his team accomplished what they set out to do.

Dori: Driving is safer than cycling and here are the stats to back it up

As Americans, we put more miles in our cars than walking and bicycling. If you don't factor that in, then the safety stats are absolutely meaningless.

Baby claps on ultrasound and Skorheims welcome baby

Jen and Scott of Tumwater may have the greatest baby announcement ever.

Franchisee says Seattle's minimum wage is 'going to be a tragedy'

Parents of five are coping with Seattle's wage requirements as the April 1 deadline looms.

Seattle transportation director says SR 99 crash was handled well

"I think in any event there is always room for improvement."

Dori: Why wasn't Seattle DOT prepared for a semi-truck crash?

It was just an incredible mess from the afternoon into the evening.

Driver tries to cheat HOV system with Dos Equis spokesman cutout

"I guess he should have probably picked a face that we wouldn't immediately recognize."

Dori Monson seeking parklet drawings

KIRO Radio's Dori Monson is asking for his listeners to help him develop a rendering for his proposed parklet.

Dori maintains $15 minimum wage is hurting Seattle restaurants

While the 7-year incremental increases won't start until April, Dori believes some restaurants are already planning for $15 an hour minimum wage, given that labor is a large portion of their operating costs.

EPA wants your barbecue to be green

A student-led project could lead to barbecue regulations in the future.

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