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Is it right for mayor, Sawant to block eviction of disabled Seattle veteran?

While thousands of Americans face eviction for failing to make payments, do some deserve special treatment? That's the question as Seattle mayor Ed Murray and City Councilmember Kshama Sawant step in to block the eviction of a West Seattle couple.

No carmageddon during I-90 closure proves my traffic solution could work

Dori Monson has been proposing a theory to fix traffic in the region for a decade. He says the fact that carmageddon didn't happen proves it could work.

Girl getting hard time for selfie at concentration camp

A teen is getting a hard time for a selfie she took at Auschwitz.

Ticket holders say 5-hour traffic jam around White River Amphitheatre kept them from show

A number of concertgoers are crying foul after traffic congestion around the White River Amphitheatre prevented them from attending a show they had tickets for on Saturday night.

The war on moles: How do we get rid of them?

This weekend was a frustrating one for KIRO Radio's Dori Monson. Picture this: Dori standing perfectly still clenching a baseball bat over a burning flare shoved into the ground of his backyard. He was trying to kill moles of course.

Woman shares harrowing tale of survival that almost included cutting her own leg off

Noel Shannon was always strong. But she never knew how much strength she really had until she was faced with a harrowing struggle for survival after getting trapped beneath her truck in a rollover accident in the middle of nowhere.

Why Dori Monson decided to jump out of an airplane

Watch Dori Monson jumped out of a perfectly good airplane on Thursday at Skydive Snohomish. Don't miss this!

Stanwood man remains upbeat, hopeful in Hawaii after paralyzing body surfing accident

A Stanwood father remains optimistic his faith and hard work will help him walk again after a paralyzing body surfing accident in Hawaii.

Dori Monson: Obama's barbecue photo op after Malaysian Air tragedy 'mind blowing'

While Dori cancelled a long planned skydiving stunt because of the Malaysian airliner tragedy, he was stunned to find out President Obama continued with a scheduled photo op at a Delaware barbecue joint.

Why does political correctness mean the transgender person is always right?

I saw a story on KIRO TV on Tuesday about a person on Capitol Hill, Dylan Paul, a 24-year-old transgender woman.

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