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Drunk driver who killed two teens denied work release following families' pleas

A convicted drunk driver who killed two Federal Way teens has been denied work release after an outpouring of opposition from the victims friends and families.

WSDOT says no, it's not time to bury Bertha

After a year-long stall and another week of bad press, KIRO Radio's Dori Monson asks the head of the Washington State Department of Transportation again: Is it time to bury Bertha?

Pete Carroll likens Seahawks management to marriage

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says the dynamics that keep things running smoothly for ownership and management are not unlike a marriage.

Dori: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray's weekend trip to DC 'selfish, narcissistic'

I found this remarkable. So here it is the most important time of year for all of the businesses in your city. You had all of these protests going on in Seattle. You had people arrested. You've had a little bit of violence, you've had all kinds of problems.

Would you support Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz for president?

Is Howard Schultz thinking about running for president of the United States? One thing that has become very clear is Howard Schultz is becoming more and more politically active.

Seattle police officer will not face felony charge for punching suspect in face

The King County Prosecutor's Office has decided not to file felony charges against a Seattle police officer caught on video punching a handcuffed, highly intoxicated woman, causing multiple fractures to her face.

Monson Madness: Vote for the best audio clips of the year

We've reached that time of year when it's up to you, The Dori Monson Show listeners to vote to determine the very best audio clip of the year.

Dori Monson Show debate: Is the American Dream dead?

A UC Davis Economics professor has declared the American Dream dead, but not everyone agrees.

Actress' father says police were lazy in investigation of her disappearance

The father of actress Misty Upham remains frustrated with how the case was handled after learning her death appears to be accidental.

Only two options for cops: Get executed in the streets or executed in the media

Police officers in our region are saying there's a tremendous anti-police backlash right now even though there was no evidence in the grand jury that Darren Wilson did anything wrong in the shooting of Michael Brown and even though that was a couple thousand miles away in Ferguson, Mo. But still all of these people have seized on the "Hands up, don't shoot" false narrative.

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