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Seattle sports talk with Brock Huard and Mike Salk, weekday mornings from 7a to 10a on 710 ESPN Seattle.
Station: 710 ESPN Seattle
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  • It has taken a while but, has Jack Z

  • Itís a sellersí market in Major League Baseball, but the Mariners clearly need to find a way to spend effectively

  • We start this hour wrapping up the Tony Dungy/Michael Sam conversation

  • What is the biggest question going into training camp? Do you think the Seahawks will retain Sydney Rice or let him walk? Its back to Mariner trade ta

  • Are you upset with Fernando Rodney's cockiness? Would the result of the game against the Angels have been different if he didn't shoot the arrow in th

  • Former NFL referee, Mike Pereira says that the league will emphasize defensive holding/contact

  • What is the number one thing we learned about the Mís this weekend? Clearly the lack of runs is still a problem, but is that the only problem? How di

  • The most boring weekend in sports is behind us and the Mariners will return to action tonight against Anaheim

  • At this point, seven games above .500, what grade do you give the Mís right now? There is a lot of speculation that the Mís are negotiating with the R

  • With the loss of Golden Tate who is going to be the guy that makes your jaw drop? Maybe Percy Harvin, Paul Richardson, or Marshawn Lynch? Its list sea

  • The ESPYís are in the book with the Seahawks accepting awards on two occasions for Breakthrough Athlete of the Year (Richard Sherman), and Best Team

  • The Seahawks will inevitably have to pay Russell Wilson upwards of 20-million dollars, but what consequences will that have on the entirety of the ros

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